The Friday, Al Rajhi and Courier

To all the readers who drop by expecting an update, sorry I was busy this week. Hubby took leave on Tuesday and Wednesday and we managed to get the passport ready in one day. We went to One Utama to buy my stock of decoupage materials, even bought myself a new handbag (my old one is really depressing with all the torn and tear everywhere) and opened saving account with Al Rajhi.

I transferred the money in Paypal on Tuesday night into the debit card and today I checked, the money is in. Thank God! It takes only 3-4 days for the money to be cleared. Now I have money to spend for the vacation even though the exchange rate is too low compared to what I used to get…huhu. It’s 3.16 but still who would give you money that easily, right! So that RM1k++ will have to be changed into SGD by this weekend since our flight next week is on Thursday morning. It will be too rushing to exchange the money at the airport, being a non morning person that 10am flight is like a burden for us..huhu!

I think we have to get out from the house around 7:30 the latest and being Thursday a working day, the traffic will be massive. Oh, come to think of it, I haven’t book the hotel for the 28th stay. I think the same hotel will do since it will be a hassle to move from one hotel to another.

Talking about the courier, those items that I ordered have arrived safely (the decal paper and tudung) except for the backdated Digital Camera magazines. I was sleeping when the Kangaroo courier guy honked. I have called him and ask him to deliver again on Monday.

Well, that’s it for today. I have to complete the bunga telur order since the client will come on Saturday to collect. Then another order to go and I will be free…haha! Can’t wait to relax in March.


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