Mary Jane On The Road

This pair of shoes will be on the road touring the country across the causeway in 3 days time. I hope it will be sturdy enough to withstand all day long of walking, after all I have 3 pairs of socks to accompany the insoles, heh!


Now I have to start packing all that I need for the vacation. We plan to go and take out my money from Al Rajhi tonight and pay all the necessary bills before we go on vacation. Then on Tuesday we will go to Jusco to find the money changer. Hopefully they have Singapore notes. Then Wednesday night I have to sleep early so that I will be fresh on Thursday morning. Luckily there’s nothing interesting on Astro on Wednesday. Can’t wait for the next season of CSI to start in March.

I will miss this Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy as I’m not sure whether the hotel has the same StarWorld channel…huhu!


  1. that’s one nice pair of shoes!!! jeles. nak beli jugakla..hehehe.. i just planned to get me a new pair from sketches this weekend..maybe will stop by at the nike instead..hihi!!

  2. that mary jane ada 3 colors, ikut kan hati aku berkenan 3-3 tapi tamak la I take that black one to suit my jeans..tu pon puas cari kat ikano dah habis stock, kena pegi kat sunway, baru ada, nway sunway pyramid ada like 3 Nike good luck la yer 🙂

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