Bunga Dip Lili Biru

Ok, one down, 2 more to go..heh! Luckily for the bunga stokin order instead of 100 pcs I only have to do 29 pcs because the ribbons that the client wants are not available in stock. Yes, I have to return some of her deposit but what is important she gets what she wants.


Sent this bunch of bunga dip lili to the Singaporean client on Saturday. (The one in the picture has 25 pcs of the bunga pahar, she ordered 50pcs.) She is the mother of the pengantin, while all these time I thought she is the pengantin herself…haha!

No wonder she is very thoughtful and considerate. Since we only communicate through SMS and email, it never occurs to me that she might be the mom until I call her at the hotel lobby. Hopefully the wedding in June will go on smoothly.

Now I have to get back to the other 2 orders. Tomorrow I will be going to the Immigration office in Subang to do the passport, another day wasted..huhu!


  1. simple pon meriah jugak majlis sambut menantu anak zino..kira cukup syarat dan memenuhi adat la tu..yg penting akad nikah..hehehe..

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