Aliff Aziz – Sayang Sayang

I was listening to Carta Era while doing my bunga dip orders when Aznil announce that the Juara Carta for this week is the song Sayang Sayang by this young boy (not even 17 yet..heh!), a Singaporean Aliff Aziz who won Anugerah 2007 ( some sort of singing contest in Singapore). I tried to find video clip for the song but couldn’t find an appropriate one. I guess this will do as it portrays the gist of the song – when you confess too late, the girl has been taken.

Funny it seems to think back of all the years of cinta monyet..keh keh!


  1. he cinta monyet ea….klu teringat mmg kelakar apalg klu terjumpa orang tu….hahahaha x berani nak cite kisah zaman dulu-dulu takut suami cemburu…

  2. Lagu ni best!!! Ingat band indon yang nyanyi rupa-rupanya budak malay singapore yg sebaya dgn kita. Dah la suara merdu. hensem lak tu…

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