You Light Up My Life

I’m not trying to sweet talk or being mushy, yeah I know soon it’s Valentine Day. But I mean it literally. We went to Jusco and bought a new lamp and starter and Hubby fixed the living hall lamp, thanks to the too-short ladder which makes Hubby strained his neck..heh!

The thing is the old lamp is still working, it’s the starter problem. So now I have an extra long lamp in the store. Luckily I insisted to buy the starter (just in case it’s not the lamp that went kaput) or otherwise I won’t be typing this entry at 1:39am. We bought GE Cool White light and tested it all right at Jusco. But when Hubby fixed it on, it turns to be warm light, the yellowish color which I hate, not good for my already blurred vision to read at wee hour. In the end Hubby fixed back the old lamp and I get my bright cool white light.

I still wonder why the Cool White light turns to warm light, any electrical people care to comment?


  1. it cannot be.. warm light is different from cool white light.. or maybe you test cool light and take home warm light (with cool light cover ) is that possible?

  2. We tested and bought the same lamp, and confirmed it was cool white light at the testing counter. Then we went straight to the cashier to pay.

    We had the same thought too that maybe we took home warm light with cool light cover, but then again that was not the case.

    NVM, wait till another lamp goes kaput and we will try again.

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