Calling For Revenue!

For those who are still wondering whether this Net Audio Ads really work, this is your only chance as the offer for their lucrative affiliate program will cease come February 1, 2008.

After February 1, 2008, the program converts to a “Host Only” model, meaning you will only make revenue from the ads placed on your own site. For the affiliate program, the revenue works on these 3 tiers:

Tier 1 – Get paid for ads on your site. And/or

Tier 2 – Get paid on ads served on the websites of those that you personally refer, and

Tier 3: Get paid on ads served on the websites of those that your direct referrals refer.

So if you have blog(s) or website with high traffic everyday this is your chance to maximize revenue. Consider registering for the FREE Affiliate program before February 1, 2008.

For those who are still not sure how the Net Audio Ads work, it’s so simple. What you actually need are traffics and not click on the ads. Once a visitor stumbled upon your page, a relevant 5 second audio ad will be played on your site. And you will paid for that, sound easy, huh!

What you do is simply paste a small piece of Javascript code to every page of your website that you want your visitors to hear a brief 5 second audio advertisement. The best part is each visitor will hear only 1 ad and each time an ad is played, you are paid. It’s like your blog is now a billboard with audio advertisement that caters to specific interests, demographics and geographic locations.

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