Writing From Upstairs

I am writing this entry from my PC in the SOHO room upstairs. It’s been ages since I last connected from this PC. The living hall lamp (at least one of the three) is not working so being me who can’t stand dim surrounding to work, decided to spend the time waiting for Hubby to come home by watching TV and reading Harry Potter in the bedroom. After a short nap and an hour watching Grey’s Anatomy I decided to come and see my old, good PC..heh!


I thought of sharing this picture of bunga songket I made many months ago for a friend who has a Datin for a client. She was interested to get wedding favors for her daughter’s wedding but after negotiating the price she said it was out of her budget..heh! Can’t blame her but I couldn’t do anything as the songket pieces used for the bunga is hand woven from Terengganu.

Well, enough about the picture. Actually I’m having such a cloudy and moody mind, must be the PMS symptom for the coming days ahead..huhu!

I’m off to cook nasi goreng for supper. Hubby is coming back at 1am. Pity him for having to work so hard these days, but then again, that’s life, huh!

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