Let’s Go For Quick Shopping!


What would you like to get as the best gift for the year? Or are you still finding the perfect gift for the coming Christmas but only have short time to spend for quick shopping?

Listing what you want to get or buy for yourself is not that hard but getting the right price which is within your budget is the main problem, right?

Now for those in the UK, there is a website that could help you make the selecting tasks less burdening. Using the Quick Shop search button, try keyword iPhone and you will get the list of directories of all the shops available online. Of course you can refine the search by putting all other additional criteria like price, model or even the shop’s name.

At the moment, the cheapest price is around £200.00 for an Apple iPhone 8GB. I know this is something that Hubby would love to have but for us in Malaysia, the problem would be the shipping. Not all stores are willing to ship internationally. Guess I have to wait until iPhone come into Malaysian market before I can get one for Hubby, heh!


For those who are looking for books especially on crafts, you will be amazed to see the lists of all crafts related books in Quick Shop.

I use keyword decorative painting in the search feature and I am excited to see all kind of books from different authors and masters in decorative painting. I think this Priscilla Hauser’s Decorative Painting Workshop book will be something I would want to add into my book collection but again Amazon does not ship to Malaysia..huhu!

Have a quick look at what Quick Shopping could help you. Who says shopping is such a chore if you know where to get the best bargain.

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