The Magnolia Rub Ons

I woke up quite early today because I want to make sure that I win the bid on eBay. I have been eyeing to buy the lot of Magnolia rub ons since June but every time I try to bid it’s either the price is too high or I lost the bid during the last few seconds..huhu!


The price for each of the Magnolia rub-ons is around USD1.99 so when the seller offers 15 pieces in one lot for bidding, it is really a good bargain if I can get it for less than USD20.00. Just as I was so sure that I can win with USD15.50 during the last 2 minutes, another bidder win it for USD16.00. Like a smack on a face to lose for a mere 50 cents..huhu!

Never mind, I hope the seller will be kind enough to offer me a Second Chance Offer to buy the rub ons. Otherwise I have to start the bidding game again once the rub ons are relisted again.

Now I have to focus on winning the Plaid brushes for decorative painting. Another 51 minutes to go..heh!

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