The Tumbling World

I was not feeling well for the past two days. The first day I couldn’t even wake up because the whole world seems to be turning upside down, a weird giddy feeling, a sign of low blood pressure maybe plus food poisoning..huhu! Never eat Maggi Tom Yam in cup at 4am..huh!

Then today it feels much better compared to yesterday but still some uneasy feeling. Maybe because of lack of sleep since I always stay up late to blog, tell me who can resist the temptation of money..hehe! Then in the daytime, I always skip meals and only have dinner when Hubby come back home from work. Hubby said my body doesn’t have enough nutrition and rest because of my style of living..huhu!

For those who are wondering, no I’m not pregnant as it is the red flag time of the month. Maybe this is the way of my body telling me that they are having enough of my staying up all night and not eating during daytime. I’ll try to be a normal person but I’m not sure how long it will last, heh!

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