One New Mail Box

If you are moving to your new home and thinking of renovating the front lawn, make sure you consider to spice up your mailbox. Now you can have a look of the range of mailboxes online at


They have many selections for residential mailboxes as well as commercial mailboxes.

Under the residential mailboxes categories, you can choose around 27 types of different configurations and materials. The well-known mailboxes manufacturers featured, to name a few are Brandon Industries, Architectural Mailboxes and Dahlhaus Mailboxes.

For low maintenance, you can buy their vinyl or aluminum mailbox to suit your style. But for my haunted house on the hill, I would go for this Dahlhaus 1628A Column Mailbox..haha! This mailbox, made of Sand Cast Aluminum is hand made in Germany by highly skilled craftsmen. So if you want to be different from your neighbors, this is the mailbox custom made for your vintage taste.

And if you are responsible for mailboxes makeovers for your company’s building, have a look at their commercial mailboxes. You can choose between Cluster Box Units, High Security mailboxes, and a wide selection of Horizontal Mailboxes.

Another plus point, I read in the testimonials, this company provides excellent customer service and most of the clients are very happy with the service they provided. That’s what we look for in good business practise, right!

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