The Cosmo World

It has been quite some times since my last outing with no purpose in particular, not to buy stocks, not to search for items etc. So early this month, Hubby took me to Berjaya Times Square mainly because we always go pass the shopping mall (on our computer gadget trip to Low Yat) but never take the chance to give it a visit..hehe..So after few mentions to Hubby about why we never go to Times Square, bla bla, he took me there during one of the long weekend (was it the Wesak and Labour day week?)

So here is one of the shots I took while walking around doing nothing at the mall.


We had dinner at Johnny’s and I bought few more books and magazine at the Borders. But personally I don’t really like the place. It’s big and spacious with lots of posh shops but somehow it doesn’t smell money to least that’s what my business nose tells me..haha!

Maybe its location in front of the Pudu Jail is not good according to Chinese Feng Shui (don’t believe me 100%, OK, it’s just my theory). Have to check my theory with some Feng Shui masters soon..haha!

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