A Hot Day

I woke up to such a hot day today. One day it was raining till evening, the other it’s as hot as the sun can get to you..sigh..what happen to our world weather these days? huhu..maybe it has to do with the global warming effect.

Well, regardless of the gloomy or hot day, life has to go on, right? As promised earlier, here is the picture of my cow wrist support. Now it has turn into such a grumpy and dirty cow, always try to jump down from the mouse pad. Guess it could not take the pressure of being pressed all the time..hehe!


I will have to get moving soon. I try to cut down on the electricity bill this month so I did not on the air-cond in this computer room during daytime. And the heat from outside is too much now. Pity my hard disk..off I go to my bedroom for the comfort of air cond and new SlimTV..haha..

Great news, I bought a new TV using money I earned from blogging. Will tell you more about it later as soon as I transfer the picture into my PC.

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