Get Your Body Jewelled

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First of all, could you bear the pain of piercing?

I remembered when I got my ears pierced at the age of 5, I was crying like mad in the departmental store (my mother underwent an operation in the hospital so Dad took me to the store to entertain me) and my father got freaked out.

Luckily there was his friend with him who managed to comfort me to continue the piercing for another ear. Otherwise I would end up with one ear pierced and the other not..haha!

Even now I could not wear any earrings because I will get all the allergy and itchy reaction.

In a way it saves my money and Hubby has the perfect excuse not to buy those nice, dangling diamond earrings, huh!


But would you consider having other parts of your body pierced? Belly button? Nose?

If you know anyone looking for great range of nose rings, check out what they have at

Anyway, like any other decision in life, make sure you have done your homework on what type of piercing you are going to put on your tongue, the piercing aftercare etc.

Make sure you buy piercing jewelery with highest quality which will not give you any allergy reaction, damage or irritation later.

My option for nose ring would be this Solid 14KT Yellow Gold Nose Ring with a genuine 3.0mm Diamond. One sparkling nose for me, huh!

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