Happy Wedding Anniversary!

Thank you,
For being my friend, listening to my stories and learn to understand me more years after years
For being the man of the house, providing me with food and shelter
For being the healer, when my heart is sad and it hurts so much
For being my staunch supporter, when the whole world go against me
For being lifetime confidant, without any judgment and criticsm
For being all the time believer, always have faith in what I do
Most of all, Thank you,
For being the perfect husband, in my eyes and always in my heart
Happy Anniversary!


  1. hubby: thanks for always being around! i love u!

    asmizar: rasanya sama la date kita kawin dulu..sebab tu aku tak leh pi kenduri ko..hahah

    zino: thanks for the wish..harap2nya kekal hingga ke syurga

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