On House Work, Family and Biz

This week and the week after will be a hectic week for me. Not only I will be busy cleaning up the house, I will be traveling to North and East Coast as well, will be entertaining and carrying my obligation to family and in the same time try to grab whatever chance I have to focus on the growing business. I just hope during the getaway to Langkawi, I would be able to enjoy it fully because as soon as I come back from the getaway, there’s no excuse for me to lay back and relax anymore as the due date for my next client’s wedding is looming in the air..huhuhuhuh…. 🙁

So for the next 2 days I will be trying my best to clean the guest rooms, especially the one upstairs which has been converted into a craft store room. Now I have to change it back to a comfy guest room so that my SIL family won’t hesitate to stay in there for a night..after that I will move all my PC, printer and speaker to that craft room and use it as my home office…It’s not that I don’t like my current SOHO but it is too crampy to fit both of us, hubby and me…especially when he’s smoking like a chimney…emmm..the next concern is to move the air cond currently in this SOHO to my craft room…I can’t live with the normal fan as the wind will blow all my craft stuffs, but without any air circulation in that hot room, I dont think I could stand even for an hour in there.

Oh I almost forget…I have to mop the floor and scrub the upstairs toilet too by this Thursday….sometimes I wish that I have a maid to do all the dirty house work…but then again, I’m sure I won’t be satisfied with the outcome…pity those who work under me later…hahahha..

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