The Berjaya Langkawi Trip

It was a great weekend, minus the tiring team building activity which I happened to be the unofficial photographer for the team..hahaha..not bad after all the quality of the pictures taken using DSLR Nikon D50, it was my first time capturing pictures (lots actually) using the gadget..

but these two pictures were taken using my humble Sony T30..easy to hold, and can be placed back inside my giant handbag with less hassle..

The beach was extremely hot, but I did miss the chance to snap the pic of one Mat Saleh lady sun bathing topless on the beach..maybe she thinks it’s Club Med where almost everywhere people go topless…but the macik2 and pacik mat saleh just look gross with everything melendut and out of shape..hahaha

The food was up to 5 star standard too, except the fruits they said not sweet enough..maybe because the rainy season..but who cares, eat something that pulau authentic, those watermelon and pineapple definitely were transferred from the mainland..and that’s why we went out to nearby laksa stall on the beach (outside the hotel area), somewhere nearby the now close for renovation Anna and The King palace..and pekena 2 pinggan laksa..nyam nyam..

We went to cable car and hubby was gayat like crazy, cursing not to come to Langkawi ever again because his nutty wife forced him to go up the Gunung Mat Chincang..heheheh…well, after all it’s once in the lifetime experience..dah tua2 kena heart attack jgn harap la nak naik cable car tgh hutan tu…

Oh, the shopping experience though dgn bajet dan masa yg tak mengizinkan, still going on quite well…i still manage to borong coklat, kain batik, baju langkawi as souvenirs, though the queen anne set that I was aiming to buy for biz not available…maybe all surirumah who go to langkawi beli set2 caserol..emm.. I did compare the price of Vantage…the tea set here is RM599, there around RM450 only..RM150 cheaper but then once angkut on flight sure kena excess baggage fine..perhaps if I go again nak beli set corningware, mmg murah tapi tgk pon dah tau berat tahap2 gaban nak angkut…have to go by ferry la next time, our plan nak turun langkawi tapi transit kat perlis dulu..after shopping boleh pegi sambung spree kat padang besar pulak..that’s our next year vacation cum shopping spree plan…ahahhaha

Hubby managed to get one topi koboi corak2 askar at the oriental village, it was damn hot that day, i was planning nak naik gajah kat oriental village tu..tapi mabuk turun dari cable car terus mati semangat..hahaha, then few hours sebelum naik flight balik we sempat singgah kat jetty point shopping complex beli satu lagi beg besar nak sumbat coklat and baju kotor…lalu jugak kat one shopping area kat tgh bandar, nearby City Bayview, masuk kedai Hj Ismail Group, tambah coklat and kain batik lagi..sempat lagi sambar sehelai towel besar RM8, huhuhu..menyesal beli selai je..patut amik 2-3 lai..then we rush to the airport to catch the flight…the best part kastam tak check pon..hubby dah menyesal beli 5 karton rokok je..patut beli 10 karton sumbat dlm beg besar tu..

overall, though langkawi tak de la heaven sgt for shopping in terms of baju2 or branded stuffs tapi still ada la something yg boleh di beli…hahahha…tolak tambah all the penat angkut brg and panas mentari pulau, i think still boleh beli lagi brg2 kat KL ni…unless it’s an all expense paid trip like this one, maybe worth it la nak angkut all the Corelle, Queen Anne set, Vision and Corningware tu..but for guys nak angkut beli apa? if you are non smoker, beli coklat je la..kain pelikat pon tak de la murah can buy baju Naruto and Black Masked Rider for your kids and cutlery set for your wife…


  1. Mia, I tak sure pulak tempat nak beli branded stuffs tu, sebab org selalu pegi Langkawi beli coklat, rokok, kain batik n pinggan mangkuk je..maybe if you are thinking about clothing should try Bandung instead..hehe..or Singapore during their Great Singapore Sale 🙂

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