The Sunflower Garden


I was browsing through some pictures of pavers patios a few days ago and thought wouldn’t it be nice to have one at home.

Well, not that we have the space anyway, living in a terraced housing area with limited yard like now.

traditional-patioAnyway, since some websites say that paver patio is not that hard to installed on your own (if you have all the necessary tools), I read further to research.

For those who have the space and yard, having a paver patio is a great home improvement idea since it could handle heavy traffic and requires low maintenance. Furthermore if you manage to hire a reliable landscaping contractor, you can get your pavers patio ready in a weekend.

You can also choose different types of pavers either made of natural stone, brick or concrete.

Pavers made from natural stones are more expensive than bricks and concrete but they are not ideal for high-traffic areas as they can break under pressure. Bricks pavers are very strong, stain resistant and you can use sealants to prevent fading.

Concrete pavers are the best choice if you need something that are durable. Plus they are available in a variety of colors and styles with interlocking patterns.

I also found some tips and tricks useful for homeowner who is planning to install pavers patio. One of them is to keep a few extra stones or bricks on hand to make repairs easier (you never know when your particular paver may be discontinued). Broken pavers can be removed by prying them out with a couple of screwdrivers or a thin pry bar.

Another useful tips is that you need to make sure it does slope away from your home’s foundation and toward an area that can either handle additional moisture or is an existing drainage area.

So which contractor you wish to contact today for your new pavers patio? I hope you’ll enjoy the view of blooming sunflowers from your patio soon. Call me if you need additional friend to flip the burgers on the BBQ, heh!

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