Snakes and ladders


I started rolling the dice. I got 7. Son got 2. He was upset because it seems that he was behind in the game. We continued to move. My son’s turn. And then suddenly he got to the first ladder. He was happy. From the slow start he was now on the third row.

This is what happened in life. Some people seems to have a good start while you are still struggling. But by Allah’s mercy and his endless bounty, even when you least expect it, you manage to get to higher places – good job, better salary.

We continued playing. At times it feels so boring, same old routine, you roll the dice, you move according to the numbers you get but ultimately the goal you are aiming for is the spot where 100 resides.

There are times that you wish you get more number from the dice, because by that you could move up faster. No matter how much you try, you never know how much you can get until the dices have been rolled on the floor.

My son put the dices in his palm. He rolled it so hard hoping he will get more. And then it turned out to be 2, one each from the dices. With frustration, he moved.

Sometimes we work so hard. We tried our best yet we feel that we don’t get what we expect, not realizing that Allah has another plan for us.

As we moved along in the game, Son got 8. And he said, “If I got 11 just now, I would have been eaten by the snake..” That time he was at the second top row. A few more steps towards 100.

That’s the wisdom in sustenance (rezeki). It’s either you get what you want, or you’ll be saved from the harm.

And as he reached 98, he said I just need 2 to win. It turned out he got 10 and has to reversed 8 steps backwards. He was upset when he got 2 few times before in the game, remember? And yet now how he wishes to get the same number to win the game.

As for me, I got eaten by the snake at 91 and fell down to 25.

We didn’t finish the game but I did learn the lessons.

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