The Attack of Caterpillars on Pokok Susun Kelapa

I was shocked to see my pokok susun kelapa like this a few days ago. I knew that it must be the attack of caterpillars again. Last time it was my curry leaves plant which became the victim..huhu!

The next day when all the leaves on the plant were gone, we saw this fat caterpillar. It even have the guts to pose for this picture..sigh!


And then we saw another one on the hippeastrum’s leaf.

By afternoon both caterpillars were gone. I thought they have turned into chrysalis but after thorough inspection all around the plants, I couldn’t see any sign of it. Hubby said maybe the birds have found the fat caterpillars and had them for lunch.

There goes our plan to breed our own butterflies..huhu! Son #1 was sad because he planned to send the butterflies to Butterfly Park. Maybe next time, Son! For now, Mama needs to revive the susun kelapa plant so that it won’t die like the previous curry leaves plant..isk!

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