Little Brother’s Wedding – Decorative Pillows

My friend of Shaja Ratul Design sold these decorative pillow covers a few months back. Since the initial plan was to use cream colored bed sheet for the wedding bed, I thought the combination of gold and white decorative pillows like this will be a good match.

Later my brother got a whole new set of king sized bed from his in laws for this wedding. He went to buy the comforter and bed sheet in pink color as there was not many choice in Parkson at that time. (The Akemi cream colored bed sheet set that I have is in Queen size)

I collected the pillow covers a few weeks before I went back for the wedding. We went straight to Mydin USJ to buy the inserts. Little that I realized the correct size of the pillow. It is supposed to be 18 x 18 yet I confidently bought the inserts in 16 x 16 size.

When I tried to put the inserts into the pillow case, it didn’t fit well because it is too small. I ended up sewing new inserts using whatever cotton pieces and fibre I have in my craft room.

So here it is the picture of the decorative pillows on the wedding bed. These pillows will be passed to another cousin who is getting married end of this year 🙂

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