Innocent Traitor – Alison Weir

I finished reading this 2 days ago..finally! For those who love the Tudor era, you might want to give this book a try. It’s not all historical and facts of the boring history since it’s a fictional work based on true story of The Lady Jane Grey who became the Queen of England for 9 days.

For those who have watched HBO mini series The Tudor or movie like The Other Boleyn girl, you might have the idea of how King Henry VIII had 6 wives, he has a second daughter named Elizabeth by his marriage to Anne Boleyn (who was later beheaded for treason) and a son, Edward VI who died at 16. Well, Lady Jane Grey was his grand niece.

When the young King died after an illness, those power crazy people behind him wanted to stay in position so they manipulated the young Jane Grey into becoming a puppet queen. But when Mary I realized this, she attacked and got back her rights to be Queen. Even though she knew that Lady Jane Grey was innocent she has no choice but to beheaded her for treason.

I hope I can get hold of her other fictional work The Lady Elizabeth. Something to look out for in the coming Big Bad Wolf sale 🙂

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