Island Hopping In Sabah

Thanks to the promotion made by Air Asia last year, we finally made it to Sabah this year with a ticket amount of RM122.60 (to and fro) for a family of three.

Next year we will have to travel during school break as Dear Son will start his kindy..huhu!

After some research we decided to go on island hopping since we will be in Kota Kinabalu town. Maybe once Dear Son is much bigger, we can rent a car and go to Kundasang area (it’s like 2 1/2 hour drive) and see Mount Kinabalu.

This is the picture of Pulau Mamutik taken on the boat towards Pulau Manukan. It was a really great experience for me since I’ve never been on island hopping tour before. My favourite island among the three (Manukan, Mamutik, Sapi) is Pulau Sapi.

Oh, we also cashed out money made from Google Adsense for this trip. Now, that’s a good reason for me to keep on blogging..heh!

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