Vacation Activity – Catch Crab

Even on short vacation, I can be really restless. In May when we went to PD for a short trip, I decided to rent the crab net from the hotel. Here is the picture of the first crab we managed to catch during the night.

This is how the crab net looks like. There’s a hook on the top part of the net where you will put the bait, we were given squid and chicken pieces. I think if there’s like 2 or 3 more hooks the chances to catch more crabs will be bigger…not that I have any intention to eat them, given how dirty the bottom of the sea floor is under the hotel..huhu!

The morning on the day when we were supposed to check out, I checked the net and found 2 crabs. This time they were blue crabs. One lost its claw while trying to release itself from the net. I was so guilty when I released them back into the water but later found out that the claws can grow back..sigh!

The crab net comes with a long rope which you have to haul down the balcony railing into the murky sea water.

We tried fishing as well, but we have no luck catching any fish.


  1. I didn’t know either till I read the list of activities that can be done at the hotel, maybe next time we will bring our own crab net and thing I want to try mencandat sotong or fishing at kelong..maybe that one has to wait till my son a bit bigger, nanti dia yg terjun dlm laut dulu..huhu..

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