Decoupage On IKEA Plate

Last month was the first time I conducted decoupage class using plate as the medium. Usually I will use mug as it is smaller and easier to complete within 2 hours. But since IKEA no longer has the stock for such mugs, I decided to try using their plate.

The participants were quite happy during the previous class since they said the plate has bigger surface for them to pour their creativity. And the fact that they can use bigger motif from the paper napkin to fit on the surface of the plate means less time spent on the intricate cutting process.

The plate above was not completed fully when I snapped the picture. I helped the participant to do some shading around the motif to make it look less like a cut and paste job. I have to say decoupage is a great way for those with less ability and talent to draw and paint to actually do something nice on their own.

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