The Carnivore Dinosaurs

Still about the Dinos Alive exhibition at Pusat Sains Negara. As you walk away from those T-Rex and Apatosaurus on the ground floor, you will come to the second floor. I don’t know why they have to make the exhibition area for the carnivore and herbivore dinosaurs so dim and scary. More roaring dinosaur sound can be heard when you enter the exhibition hall. My son cried, well most kids who were dragged into the exhibition were crying and scared.

I didn’t manage to get any of the dinos name. I was so busy handling my crying son who tried his best to wiggle his way out. If it was up to me alone, I might be posing with my head almost being eaten by those carnivore dinosaurs..haha!

See those 2 dinosaurs savoring the dead animal. I didn’t notice that when I was there since by that time Hubby already took our crying son out from those scary surrounding. I grabbed the camera and took as many pictures as I could and then I went to the next hall for herbivore dinosaurs.

Anyone know the name of this winged dinosaurs? (or is it fin on his back..haha!!) I am yet to edit the pictures for herbivore dinosaurs and upload the video I mentioned earlier. Will try my best to update before the exhibition end this 12 June 2011.


  1. At least you managed to snap pictures dlm son dok nangis mcm apa masa masuk yg dlm we had to practically do marathon utk carik exit!

  2. kami bergilir2 masuk..sebab rasa rugi la plak kalo tak dpt nak tgk betul2 or at least amik gamba dinos tu semua..dah la nak pegi PSN tu bersusah payah rushing sampai tak lunch..huhu..sekarang bila tanya my son dinosaur mcm mana, dia terus buat nganga2 bunyi roar..haha..

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