Dinos Alive At Pusat Sains Negara

We went to Pusat Sains Negara on Sunday to see the Dinos Alive exhibition. We didn’t know that it will be extended until 12 June. We thought it will end this month as per planned.

The ticket for adult is RM10, while for kids 4 years and below is free. The moment you enter the ground floor, you will be greeted by these massive replica of T-Rex and Apatosaurus. Dear son was so scared..hehe! Now he knows that dinosaurs are not as cute as what he has watched on TV like in Harry and His Bucket Full of Dinosaurs.

In the exhibition, you will get to see 32 ‘life-size’ dinosaurs including a 16-feet Tyrannosaurus and a 23-feet Apatosaurus. Oh, those replicas can actually move. I have a video of the T-Rex moving his tiny hands and opening his jaw, with breath coming out..will share it later.

Will write more about the exhibition halls for carnivore and herbivore dinos later. More pictures to be edited before I could post them on this blog.

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