What I Learned From Playing Cityville

I’ve been playing Cityville on Facebook for a while now. I’ve never thought I would be a diligent game player, not when I have a household to run and a toddler to chase after. But somehow I managed to play Cityville almost everyday.

There are many things I’ve learned from playing Cityville.

One, you have to prioritize based on the limited sources you have – cash, coins and most importantly energy. You can’t do everything at one time. You have to choose your goal.

Two, you need to ask for help if you want to achieve something bigger and make it work faster towards your goal. And if you want others to help, you must be willing to help others as well.

There are times that you have to be patient and wait for the greater things to come. Sometimes you have to wait for days and even weeks for the goal to be achieved. You must not give up easily. Even while waiting, you must not sit futile, plant crop, harvest them, deliver goods, visit friends. My point is do something worthwhile with your resources.

You must make sure that you do something to completion. You cannot just build a community building (i.e build a hospital) and not make effort to get all the necessary items (gold plating, marble etc) to make it a complete work. If you find the effort to get all the materials as tiresome (you need to ask your friends, or give them one, you’ll get one in return), then you can’t achieve the ultimate goals of having bigger population in your city. Conclusion, the minor things and the small details are needed to attain greater level in life.

I guess it could be applied in life as well.

Certain days you will wonder whether what you have done is enough or you could stretch yourself thin to achieve more. There are certain days that make you feel like you accomplish nothing special, just running a mundane daily routine. Even if it doesn’t get to your goal any closer, you will still earn something (like getting XP which will bring your city to next level).

Same goes with daily life, the routine might be boring but it will still give you something – a way to get things done more effectively (in my case, how to cook while holding a crying son, or how to take a shower in 5 minutes while brushing your teeth, shampoo your hair, scrub your face and body), which in the long run could make you wiser and somehow if you choose to, could let you see life in a totally different perspective.


  1. Cityville xpernah try
    Farmville dulu2 mmg suka lps tu kn lupakan…x dan waktu skrg ni..makin besar makin byk perkara kn berikn perhatian. Time ni dah nk mid-term exam. Kn study dulu utk mrk.

  2. Mmg betul, lagi besar anak, lagi kurang masa utk diri sendiri. Takpe itu semua pengorbanan seorang ibu, nanti pasti ada ganjarannya 🙂

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