My Picasso Toddler

This was taken a few months ago, I think. I finally edited it a few days ago to be a part of my parenthood entry.

Early this year, Anmum sent us some finger paints with sponges and roller..(I snap the picture but couldn’t find it now) Plus in this house, our son always have access to painting materials. His obsession currently is to pour most of the paint into the palette and then after a few dab here and there, he will go to the bathroom and wash the paints for ages..huhu!

The poster colors were bought at Art Friends together with a few bottles of Folk Art acrylic paint..(the price is about the same) But if you ask me, the poster color is easier to clean up, but the color is not as bright and vibrant as the acrylic paint. I bought acrylic paint because I use the paint as well for my craft work.

Oh, if the acrylic paint get smudged on your toddler’s clothing, wash the stain right away. Otherwise once it dries, it will get stuck there forever. Many of my son’s daily wear has been ruined that way..but who cares..haha..I am raising a Picasso..heh! *Not advisable for mums who are neat freak.


  1. Salam MQ,
    asal dia bahagia hehehe….
    anak2 sy dah sekolah rendah…kdg2 rindu zaman mrk kecik2 ..
    Siabg kemaruk lukis alien lps tu dia jual 10sen-20sen dgn kwn2 sekelas
    Siadik kemaruk membuat kad ucapan hari jadi/sayang ibu ditepek merata2 tempat.
    Ada simpan xmasterpiece dia buat?

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