So Busy Or So Lazy?

I know, I know..I’ve been neglecting this blog.

Well, I am so busy with my other blog and some crafty work that I feel so lazy to update this blog..heh!

Maybe I don’t have much motivation since the Nuffnang buffered earning for this blog is still stuck at the same amount the last time I checked. I’m not sure when that buffered earning will go into the metered earning because I so want to cash out the amount at the end of this month. I plan to buy more craft stuffs with that money…err even then I have to wait another 30 days to get the cheque..but still at least I’m earning something from blogging, right?

Home wise, nothing much..precious son is still having problem getting to sleep at night, sometimes he falls asleep at 5 am..huhu..and I will usually spend 2 hours after he’s asleep to recharge. These days I am contemplating on what to buy for my latest craft venture…learning whatever I can from those videos on Youtube before I make up my mind on what to splurge.

I bought another great parenting book by the same author that wrote Sleepless In America and currently reading it. I also bought Eat Pray Love, but that book will be like secondary to what I’m supposed to finish reading. Parenting my son the right method is more important than reading some divorced, career driven woman autobiography.

Oh, for the past few days, I’ve been watching Criminal Mind and The Unit on FOX almost every night while hubby is babysitting dear son..Thanks Hubby for giving me some ME-time! I love you..muah! Tomorrow night will be the final episode for Criminal Mind for the current season, so that would mean I only have to spend one hour to watch The Unit instead of 2 hours being a couch potato..what a relief!

Till then, happy Wednesday people..try to have fun in whatever you are doing 🙂

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