What’s Up November?

I’ve been planning to update this blog since like errr 2 days ago..but I don’t know what topic I want to write about..huhu!

At the moment that I’m writing this, I am so annoyed with all these mosquitoes..I already switch on the ubat nyamuk, right below my feet, and yet it makes no effect to them. They keep on taking turn biting my fingers, my feet, my leg..aarrgghh! Blame it on me for not closing the door to the bedroom this evening. I usually make it a point to close the door before I go down to the kitchen to cook around 4pm as I always take time to go up again (unless the little one poops and I need to wash him).

Well, lesson learned! Tomorrow I will make sure I close the door..huhu!

Oh, I will be conducting class this Saturday after almost 4 months of not having any craft class. Not sure how dear son will do, but I think he’s getting better handling the separation anxiety. Plus, I’m sure he will be having great father and son bonding time at McDonald’s (his current fav food is the fries and choc sundae..heh!)

In the mean time, I need to find bam gamat and put on the mosquito bites..eeiii very annoying la you nyamuk..huhu!


  1. Nyamuk rmh ni dah immune dgn ubat nyamuk yg keping2 tu buat perabih karen je
    Lepas tu kami gn lingkaran punya. Bukan nyamuk yg pengsan tp kami yg nk pengsan.
    Tinggal belum cuba pasang kelambu tp mcm serabut pulak. Kena cr losyen anti nyamuk lps ni.Nyamuk ooo nyamuk

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