A Box of Colored Pencils

When I was like 10, I used to envy a box of Luna 36-piece colored pencils that a girl in my class has. It was like heaven when she allowed me to use her colored pencils.

I never took advantage of her kindness, it was a few time and I really cherished the chance to gaze at all the 36 beautiful colors. I guess those few moments are what spark my early interest in craft and art.

Now that I have a child, I try to expose him to many great things in learning.

We have tried paint, crayon and now I would like to introduce him to colored pencils. We bought a box of 12-piece long colored pencils brand Luna STAEDTLER as it is the best that I have ever used.

He has been using normal 2B pencil and scribbled on my craft stuff in the craft room every chance he gets..so I guess the colored pencil is not so foreign to him.

I hope by the time he’s ready to go to play school, he will have the skills to do some basic coloring.

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