Yarns And More Yarns

I have this current addiction to buy yarns..well, at least I could say that because the other day while checking out a craft/sewing items store as recommended by a fellow blogger (after attending a friend’s Raya open house), I spent almost RM100 just to buy yarns at the shop..huhu!

You see, yarns come in different types and sizes. Some are only suited to be made into certain items. For example, if you were to crochet a bookmark, you will need yarn that is soft and thin, not something that you would crochet an afghan or flower. Thus I have been accumulating different yarns in different colors for different projects.

I am still learning a thing or two about which yarns that I love to crochet with. Since I have been making bookmarks and flowers for embellishment, I have only been able to experiment with few types. So far I have tried DMC Babylo, DMC Senso, Anchor #8 and DMC Cotton Perle #8. I also bought a few types of cotton and acrylic yarns at Daiso. I even bought the cheap acrylic one (less than RM2 per skein) brand Minlon at a nearby sewing shop but found that they are not a joy to crochet with. At first glance, the outcome of the crocheted material looks the same but the feel is not.

Thanks to Rita Harris of Rita@Work, I tried another type of Minlon yarns – Minlon Polly. It is sold at RM7.50 per skein. So far I have crocheted flowers and edging using the yarns. It is not as great as DMC Cotton Perle or DMC Babylo but for such a price, I think it’s good enough.

I will keep on experimenting until I find the best yarns that suit each and every project I love to try. I hope in times I will be able to share my experience especially with other beginners in crochet.

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