Welcome September!

This will be the last entry for August 2010. I noticed that I have not updated this blog as often as I should. So far including this entry, I have done only 8 entries for this month..huhu!

I was not really busy during this Ramadhan, not with cooking or cleaning up the house anyway..rather I was occupied with so many other things..hehe..with my newfound hobby of crochet, and most important of all, catching up with my handful son.

Try staying up till 4 am almost every night waiting for a toddler to finally fall asleep then you will understand why I seem to be out of tune with the blogging world. By the time he is asleep I don’t really have the strength to come out with words. Hopefully this phase will pass soon. I do hope that he will be able to sleep in early (like around 12am like he used to) and wake up early…not as early as 6-7am but early enough for us to have other activities.

You see, places like zoo and such are closed at 5pm. So if we wake up around 1-2pm, by the time we get ready and leave the house, we don’t really have ample time to catch up with activities like that. I am also looking forward to join play group or classes suitable for toddlers his age (he seems to love socializing with others), but then most of those classes are conducted in the morning.

For now what we can do after we wake up is to be pekebun kecil in our mini garden. Check out the picture of the fabulous pink rose above, well, that’s our rose. Nice, huh!


  1. fabmama, gardening with kids are always fun and healthy habit 🙂

    babybooned, for now I am certainly hanging in here reading Sleepless In America to find solution to the sleeping problem..sigh! BTW,Selamat Hari Raya to you too..nice pic of Gib and his Baba wearing baju melayu 🙂

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