Crochet Flower On Felt Covered Hair Clip

Remember my previous entries about crochet flowers. Well, I am certainly getting better at crocheting those flowers.

So since I am a practical person who love seeing things to be used rather than left hidden in the drawer, I decided to make all these felt hair clip.

I found a few tutorial online on how they make cover for the hair clip using felt. Being a meticulous person when it comes to crafting I decided to sew rather than just use glue.

I am using buttonhole stitch or jahitan insang pari to merge the top and the bottom felt. I think for those who have learned this stitch during Kemahiran Hidup lesson, you wouldn’t find it too difficult.

Oh, the big white rose is my personal favourite. I am selling this one (well, actually I have made another one) to a friend who has a daughter. Apparently she has been searching for such hair accessory to match her family Raya theme (red and white). Will need to post it to her soon because she wants to put the clip on her daughter’s head during Raya..cewahh!

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