KL Bird Park Part 1

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We went to KL Bird Park last week. Hubby was on leave since Wednesday and since we already bought the tickets (it is RM10 for adult instead of the usual RM20) at Ikano Bird park show the week before, we decided to go and drenched ourselves in the hot scorching sun..huhu!

Actually we only managed to walk half of the park, a little bit farther than the photo booth..huhu! I hope next year once the son is bigger and is able to control himself, we will manage to walk from end to end. Quarter way to the ostrich area, he was frustrated and threw tantrum because we didn’t let him jump into kolam burung bangau..huhu! Hai la anak…

As scary as the flamingo looks to me, I find them funny as well. Some sleep with a feet up, some with twisted neck. Honestly, I was so scared of all the free birds there, it feels like going on a scary roller coaster ride. There’s one time while we were passing on a bridge where all the burung air melepak, then suddenly a big pelican flew and perched on the bridge rail. I quickly hid behind Hubby and walked passed the pelican..eerr..and the park was smelly as well..bukan la kotor sampah, but more to the smell of taik burung and bau burung..huhu!

The best part for me is the feeding fish time. Those Mandarin ducks care nothing about people feeding fish, although a pair did try to snatch some food we threw to the fish..heh! I will upload the fish picture in part 2 later.

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