Looking For Moving Company Quotes?

If there is one thing I really hate, it is packing and unpacking for moving..huhu! Of course if you have to move abroad or even locally to a new town or new house you just bought, there are options like hiring moving company to do all that messy tasks..which usually will cost a bomb especially when you are a hoarder like me with a lot of junks..haha!

Well, unless the company you are working for is paying for the relocation costs, make sure you have done your homework and survey around for the best Moving Company Quotes before you decide on which moving company to hire.

Make sure the company you want to hire is bonded and insured. And do check out what others have to say about the service. You wouldn’t want to risk your family valuable heirloom in the process of moving if the mover is doing a lousy job in packing.

And be warned that the cheapest quote is not necessarily the best as the company might hide details on other charges such as refuels or insurance coverage that you have to bear later. It is advisable to get on-site moving evaluations from as many of moving companies available before you settle for one. Those online evaluation is not very accurate as they could never estimate how much work and total inventory of your household goods that need to be moved just by reading the details you fill up in their online form..heh!

Personally, I find that besides packing and unpacking, the next gruesome task when relocating is the scheduling and coordinating the switching of utilities from your old residence to your new home and streamlining the service activation of all the important things, like TV, Internet and phone.

The last time we moved to this current home, it took us more than a month to settle everything, not to mention the changes of address for billing, magazine subscription and official letters. Luckily some could be done through online and phone. Hopefully we won’t need to move anywhere else anytime soon!

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