Ubi Kayu For Tea

I bought 4 medium chunks of tapioca on Sunday, boiled all of them into ubi rebus and ate with my sambal bilis.

But since I didn’t eat much of the ubi kayu rebus, I kept them in fridge until today (Tuesday).

I think I overcooked the tapioca since they were over mushy. So the best thing and the fastest way to turn them into something edible again is to fry them in oil.

For this recipe, I pounded 4 garlics, rub the tapioca with salt and fry in hot oil.

As I was rushing to take out the fried ubi kayu from the hot pan, the flame from the stove burned my kitchen paper towel..huhu! I was panicked and tried so hard to extinguish the burning paper. I can’t put the plate full of fried ubi kayu in the sink and used running water to douse the flame. What I can do was to blow the fire out..huhu!

Luckily the fire subsided once it reached the part where the paper was soaked in oil from the fried ubi kayu. So much adventure and challenge for trying to come out with ubi kayu goreng for tea..huhu!

I gave some to my neighbor via her Bibik and in return got a container of rendang daging..rezeki!

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