The Best Book Shelves

Last 2 weeks I forced myself to open up all the boxes containing books and arranged them on the book shelves.

Most of the books (fiction) were bought throughout the years, but many of the non fiction especially books on parenting were bought after I have a baby (the enlightenment of being a mom, I would say!)

I still have problem on how to arrange all the magazines, especially one that I collected for craft and art references.

When we bought the cheapest Flarke book shelves about 3-4 years back from IKEA, I didn’t really pay attention on how much weight each rack could hold. Now that I browse through the latest catalog, I realized that there are a few types that could hold up to 30kg per shelf.

For now I have to distribute the magazines horizontally according to type on each shelve on the right book shelve and waste some space. I wouldn’t stack the whole magazines because it would be difficult to take out one or two issues that I want to refer to in the future. If you noticed in the picture, I still have some space left on the last 2 shelves (in the middle) which means I can buy more books..haha! The left-most book shelve is Hubby’s…but you can’t really see it in the picture above.

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  1. ur book collection is awesome!

    i always berangan to have mini library like this…but with small hse like mine tak tau nak letak kat mana 🙂

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