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The offer has been extended! So parents out there, make a wise decision and invest now as you get free top up.

A top up of 3 month is priced at RM298 and you will get another 3 months of free top up. So if you buy in this coming April, your child can access it till October (which is just nice before your son/daughter sits for the final exam)

You can buy the top up here : How Do I Buy Score A Programme For My Child?

We also accept credit card via PayPal if you are short on cash. All the details are available in that page.

The best thing for parents whose children are using the Score A program is that you can monitor your son/daughter’s performance through the online report card.

For those who are still unsure about this product, give it a try, after all what is RM298 worth for, if your child can get to score As in his/her exam..hehe!

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