When You Are A Stay-At-Home Mom..

I was browsing and read a status of a friend in FB, she says something like, “duduk rumah, keja sapu angin, tolak awan..”

If you compare to others who work full time of course it seems like we, moms who stay at home gain nothing, in term of financial or career achievement..but actually we do a lot more than what we give ourselves credit for..

See, my effort to make the world a greener place..

And then when everyone is hungry, I make something good to eat and make sure that the ingredients are nutritious as well which is something I hardly have time and energy to do when I was working long time ago.

Then, when the little one becomes restless and can’t stand the heat during daytime , I become the lifeguard and set up the mini pool for him to soak in..

And when the time permits, I indulge myself in things that give me peace like art and craft..

Of course not everyday is a rosy day, but even working moms have their bad day, right?

The best part is I know what’s going on at home, not having to worry that my son is crying or screaming for whatever reason..will he be eating, sleeping and playing well..his safety, his emotional well-being..wondering whether other people who look after him are doing their job..you know things like that..

For me, it is worth more than RM500 that could be paid to a maid or RM400 paid to any nursery..yes, I admit that mothering is a hard and demanding job which makes me scream and shout especially when all the nice talk and coaxing is not working out..but it is certainly the best job that God has bestowed upon me…not every woman has the privilege to be a stay at home mom by choice.


  1. menarik untuk difikirkan..saya pun SAHM jugak, walaupun mulanya bukan by choice, tapi sekarang dah mula comfortable n enjoy managing my own schedule..untuk famili dan untuk self satisfaction jugak.. sesuatu yang tak dapat waktu bekerja dulu2..

    sikit demi sedikit, im trying to crate more at-home-activities, especially apa-apa yang boleh buat dengan my daughter..

  2. ok topic ni takyah comment sbb you know what and where my stand is..

    tapi nak comment tgk lauk tuh! sup sayur eh tu? sedap tak ingat tgk banyak segala khazanah laut dlm tuuuu…sedappppp nyeee!

  3. z,self satisfaction menjadi SAHM ni mmg tak nampak dari segi material..it takes time to see the achievement..hehe..

    dwimaya, tu mee kungfu tu..byk sgt lauk, mee nya tak nampak..hehe.

  4. yaa… setuju apa yang MQ taip tu.. setuju bangat… terlalu banyak perkara yang perlu dilakukan, dikorbankan dan ia benar2 mengambil masa yang lama untuk mendapatkan hasil… walaupon nur SAHM, xpe.. insya-Allah akan ku sumbangkan kejayaan anak2 yg 4 ini untuk agama dan negara. amin. -1=4 🙂

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