No Sweat

These days I dreaded going out during day time because it is so hot on most days. I am not really a kind of person who sweat a lot, but in the current weather..fuhhh..even the most inactive sweat glands will be sweating out.

Not sure how do people go on with their daily activities, you know sportsmen, oh even teachers who have to teach PE to their students.

Perhaps this FRESH anti perspirant spray could solve the problem. It has 24 hours of protection against perspiration. The new Dry Max system technology for extra-wetness absorption will help you not to be embarrassed especially when you have to hang on to the LRT during peak time.

If you are going on date right after work, its cooling fragrance will leave you with that just showered feeling when the heat is on. Of course it is advisable that you go back home, have a quick shower and change to casual clothes first before you go on date on weekdays..heh! I think your date will appreciate your company even more..but then if you really have to go out straight after work, then this is the fast solution.

Oh, for those doing laundry, good news as the special anti-whitening material in the spray will help to minimise white marks on skin and clothes. So those Renoma and Alain Delon work shirts will last longer, at least until next year Year-End-Sale..hehe!

And for those with sensitivity to alcohol, don’t sweat as it is 0% alcohol, PH respect and dermo tested (whatever the terms mean..) So go grab a bottle at the nearest Jusco or Watson and tell me if it’s really work for your armpit..keh keh!

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