Busy Bee, Busy Me..

Gosh..never realized that time flies so fast this week..I wrote the previous entry on Monday, and now it’s Saturday morning already..isk!

I have been busy taking care of the little one. This week is such a miserable and testing week for me. I kind of turned a deaf ear with his whining and crying during day time and even at night. He can’t stand seeing me doing anything else. I think as he is reaching the 18-month old phase, he becomes really clingy.

Well, despite that I managed to cook a lot of normal meals this week. I think after all the eating out weeks and letting myself get constipated with the lack of vege and fruits in the daily diet, I kind of turn into a health conscious person.

Oh, I even cooked mee kungfu after reading Mat Gebu’s blog. Will share the picture once I got the chance to edit it later, OK..

In the meantime, have a great weekend people..I don’t expect much since Hubby will be working the monthly release this weekend..but we do have plan for next week..hehe! And my birthday is coming in about 2 weeks time..jeng jeng!

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