Welcome February!

Gosh! Time does fly these days..it’s like one day it’s Monday then somehow it’s the next Monday..isk isk..although if you’re a stay-at-home mom with a kid like mine, you’ll be counting the hours till his sleep time. Nevertheless with all the daily routines and packed schedule, there goes January of 2010.

So what have I achieved for the month of January?

I conducted craft classes with altogether 7 students – which means I get to know another new 7 personalities and an additional income of RM500++.

Oh, I didn’t win the craft contest, couldn’t even make it on time for the prize giving ceremony. Fortunately I didn’t win otherwise me being late comer, the prize will be passed to the next in line..heh! But it was a good exposure for me to see how creative others can be.

Son has been walking here and there..now I can water my plants without holding him in one hand..the joy of having both of my hands back to my own usage..hehe! He on the other hand will be terkedek-kedek busy nak menyapu halaman.

Finished reading a few parenting books. In the process of building up another website/blog dedicated to parenting.

Cashed out RM80++ from Nuffnang. That’s basically a month payout for all my blogs registered under Nuffnang.

Cashed out USD90++ from Socialspark into PayPal. I used about USD30 from that amount to buy a craft book which I have been eyeing since last year. Can’t wait for the book to arrive from US.

Bought a red bicycle for Son. Now we petang-petang amik angin sambil sembang dgn maid Indon..huhu!

Well, that’s what I can think of now. Of course there were many more that I am grateful and happy about.

Just hope that February will be a much better month for us as a family. In the mean time, Selamat Hari Wilayah to people working in KL and Putrajaya!


  1. eh not yet cycling, but he can sit still on the bicycle, both feet berlatih letak atas pedal..mama dia yg kena tolak basikal tu bagi jln..hehe..but ok la dari kena dukung mcm dulu..hehe..

    my biz, alhamdulillah ada la jugak duit poket sendiri buat beli aiskrim..heh..yg penting i get to see people, 24/7 jaga anak pon boring jugak otak..

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