Looking For Moms..

After a year of being a mom, I am still in search of other moms that share the same sentiments I have towards motherhood and how we should raise our child, but I am yet to find one.

Most mothers that I know work full time, those that have their own business or perhaps think that they are the kind of work-from-home-moms are not that similar like me because they have maids or send their kids to nurseries so that they can carry on with their daily work.

For those who are stay-at-home moms, they are simply SAHM who do nothing apart from taking care of their kids and their household.

I am something in between, I am a SAHM who tries to continue running my business at home while taking care of my son 24/7. I have no maid, no helper and never send my son to nursery. I used to work full time 7 years ago, I used to stay at home doing nothing for half a year, I used to run business from home successfully pre baby years (for the past 5 years), and now I am a mom who tries to juggle everything. I wonder if there is anyone out there who is like me, who could at least understand what it feels being someone like me?

I am still looking…


  1. still juggling….mostly do it urself…
    kdg2 pk mcm kartun alangkah bestnya klu ada teknik pembahagi bayang mcm Naruto tu….blh buat serentak dlm 1 masa…..

  2. nana, care to share yr experiences?

    fabmama, sometimes tak de benda nak buat lagi senang dari pikir mcm2 benda nak buat or boleh dibuat tapi tak de masa dan peluang..isk isk..

    anis, sekarang ko dah jadi full time working mom, how’s that differ with yr previous life exp? lagi mencabar ke tak?

    yin, kdg2 rasa mcm nak terbalik, nak menjerit pon ada kan..

  3. uisshh.. mmg lg mencabar… dulu aku hands on ngan bebdk.. skang siang ari ngan maid.. mlm aku dah kepenatan nak layan.. tp every morning aku akan siapkan Imran ke tadika.. mandikan n pakaikan baju sampailah ke stokin.. dia plak amik peluang aa tanak dress up sendiri.. heheh
    aku rasa bila keje ni buat aku lg senang lose temper.. dwefinitely buat aku risau.. i have to remind myself, do not lose it. dah laa aku tinggalkan diorg, takkan sedap mulut jek nak marah2.. had to watch what i’m saying.. kalu x diorg kecik ati.. dulu, whatever i say goes.. tiada kompromi.. haahhaha…
    whateva it is, juggling with home based bisnes is not going to be easy, but there is a way for u to distract him while u’re focusing on your work. like any interactive game which he can play alone. it’s not wrong for u 2 distract with tv shows and cds but not too much! aku dulu slalu psgkan cd utk imran… spi bleh psg player and tv sendiri.. hehe..
    don’t worry too much.. there’s no right or wrong skang nih… u just have to try anything that works for u..

  4. Im at SAHM to a 10mths old babygirl.no maid.used to work for 6yrs in a bank.glad tht i can look after my baby but i do wish tht ive a maid to help with household chores.

  5. anis, tu la kalo aku keje dulu, mmg selalu lose temper, tapi time tu takde anak ok lg la, ni kat umah jaga anak pon ada masa mcm nak hilang akal jugak..

    the thing is with my son, dia attach to me, so dvd ke tv ke semua bolayan, abis sgt dia tgk la 2-3 minit pastu come running for me, siap tarik tgn, tarik baju suh layan dia..if tak layan mula la melalak..sgt la mencabar time ada keje nk buat..haii cepat la besar..

    ana, the house chores can wait for now..or else ask part time maid to come once a week or yr hubby to help whatever he can

  6. i am planning to be one soon. would like to know more about your experience. care to share? maybe via email? 🙂

    nice reading your blog anyway. you look like you are doing fine there.

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