Should I?

It’s amazing how sometimes our body and mind today when I woke up at 9 a.m (blame the Sukaneka committee..isk!) when I slept last nite at 5 a.m. Niece #2 is getting married tomorrow, so I have been telling our son that he has to practise sleep early and wake up early so that we won’t miss the akad nikah ceremony at 10 am. And I think it’s not his brain that digests the advice, it’s mine..keh keh!

So here I am since 10, can’t fall back to sleep and trying to do something to pass the time..isk! I want to do laundry but Hubby is still asleep (the sound of the washer machine and dryer will wake him up..unless we are using washer and dryer LG yg konon2 very quiet tu..hahaha!)

I feel like spending some creative time in the craft room, preparing stuffs for next weekend class but I feel reluctant knowing that I have to rush to and fro from the craft room back to bedroom (Son seems to have this internal sensor that cries out whenever Mama is not in 10m proximity..aiyak!)

I don’t feel like reading either, because my eyes hurt from the lack of sleep. Maybe I should just go back to sleep..after all it’s still like 2-3 hours before everyone’s wake up time..gonna catch up with some rest before another busy day today..tata! Have a good weekend, everyone!

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