The Red Wedding — DONE

Thank God! The wedding went well despite a few glitches here and there..biasa la kan..macam2 orang macam2 la kerenahnya..nevertheless what we planned we carried out smoothly. We left SIL’s house around 7pm because The Son could no longer stay happy..tak dapat la tgk pengantin open their presents..pity him for having to wake up early on that Sunday morning, berpanas, tak selesa and all that during the whole wedding day..but he didn’t even cry, mengamuk or whatnot, Alhamdulillah.

That night both of us pengsan awal..hehe..and today my thighs are so sore with all the heavy lifting, walking up and down the stairs, I even accompanied the bride berarak while holding my son. Tell you what, if you have one clingy son and you really take care of him on your own, definitely tak payah pegi gym to work out..haha!

Well, I will share more pictures of the wedding later. Now, I need to catch up on my sleep while The Son is enjoying his. Happy Tuesday, people!

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