The Last Week..

Finally the son is asleep at almost 4 am. God!! How I wish I don’t have to sleep so that I can finish the bottle that I am submitting for the craft contest. Actually I am almost done with the one with decoupage. But since I already bought the Pebeo paint set, I might as well try my hand with glass painting as well..though so far I am yet to find a real inspiration to decorate the other bottle.

MIL is in SIL’s place since Saturday. She said she was bored staying with us, me being upstairs with the son most of the time, she has no one to accompany her in the morning and most of the day time. The truth is my son is not really keen on staying downstairs during day time so rather than having to put up with him crying and whining, I will take him into the bedroom cum playroom, which for Grandma means less time with the grandchild. And she was not keen on staying upstairs in the room with she opted to stay in the living hall downstairs watching TV and later complained that she was bored..sigh!

I guess I have done my best to accommodate her stay with us but if she’s not happy here, who can blame her..huhu! SIL will send her back a few days after Raya Haji as she is also not very happy having her mom at her place. I was telling Hubby that MIL is like Dementor in Harry Potter, who seeps everyone’s happy feeling around her. Not sure whether it’s the outcome of nature or nurture that makes her the person she is. I for once pray that when I am that old, I won’t be such a killjoy to my future anak cucu and menantu..isk!

Emm..coming back to the crafty matter..I hope I can proceed with the design transfer tomorrow. I think I will outline the design free hand rather than have to use tracing paper and all. Oh, I found China marker at Art Friend, The Gardens but it’s just tedious to do double job of tracing front and back and later couldn’t see the image accurately on the glass bottle..huhu!

Till later, 2 more days before Hubby’s long weekend..yeay!

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