Few More Days..

We are having such a delicate situation at home, that it makes me stressed and got ulser in my throat..huhu! I feel really tired, feverish and all but it’s actually more to simpan dalam hati, everyday there will be something that annoys me (and annoys Hubby terribly as well)..

I keep on counting the days, and I still have 6 days to endure all these..isk!

Well, on a brighter note, the decoupage napkins for the craft contest have arrived yesterday..and today I managed to paint the first bottle with background color. I have chosen one napkin that can go well with my theme, but I am yet to cut out the motifs and see how they fare on the bottle surface.

I have also sketched the images I want to outline on another bottle for it to be painted using Pebeo. I will have to figure out how to copy the images on the bottle since I don’t have tracing paper and chinagraph pencil. Or else I just have to take the risk and outline it free hand.

That would be another matter to think tomorrow. For now, I need to grab some sleep. Happy Friday, people!

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