Planning Too Soon?

I can’t help it, but I just love planning for things..heh! It’s like planning gives me a boost to look forward for the future, regardless how far fetched or absurd my dreams are..heh! After all, what is left in my life other than hope – hope for the better.

Actually this entry happens because I start to look around for kain for the coming baju raya..ceh! Imagine it’s not even May and here I am online shopping for baju raya, padahal Raya will be on 19th or 20th September..keh keh! But who cares, I rather do everything early..(beranak je aku tangguh lambat2..haha!)

Oh, I have even booked the caterer for this year Hari Raya open house and akikah. That one mesti cepat-cepat as most people get married after Raya, if all the caterers are not available sapa nak masak for 100-200 people makan and 2 ekor kambing pulak tu..huhu! Last time when I was childless, setakat nak masak for 40-50 people tu boleh lagi la, but now to cook for myself pon kadang-kadang tak sempat. So friends, I will send the invitation in Ramadhan so that you can block the date in your calendar and attend my event..after all who knows if I ever will have another kid, so this might be my one and only akikah ceremony.

Well, I rather stop here and continue my planning for the kitchen cabinet. Has been reading about the choice of hood and hob, the kitchen layout, type of table top etc so that once the budget is in, I know what I really want and need in the kitchen, thus minimizing all the running around to find the items..heh!

Oh, for those interested to buy the Macy RM1 bed, hurry up as the offer lasts for only 2 weeks! BTW, Hubby, I find out that Aussino is having their 7th Anniversary Sale from 21 April to 15 May 2009, we have to go and check out the King size bedsheet for the new bed…jom!

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